Consular Outreach Naples


ROME 25 April 2022 – A total of 439 services were rendered by the Philippine Embassy in Rome, in cooperation with the Philippine Consulate in Naples, during its consular outreach mission conducted from 23-24 April 2022 at the Basilica Santuario Incoronata Madre del Buon Consiglio, Via Capodimonte 13, Naples, Italy, marking the first consular outreach mission conducted by the Embassy and its partner agencies for the year 2022 after the state of emergency in Italy was lifted.

Consul General Donna Celeste Feliciano-Gatmyatan headed the consular team that processed the passport applications of 224 overseas Filipinos who came from Naples,  Benevento, Caserta, and Salerno. Other services rendered included civil registry (Report of Birth and Report of Death), notarization, certification, and oath taking of 9 overseas Filipinos who retained/re-acquired their Filipino citizenship under Republic Act No. 9225. POLO and OWWA rendered 90 services, 50 of which were facilitation of membership applications while SSS rendered a total of 92 services.

Pursuant to the authorization granted by the Commision on Elections (COMELEC), the Embassy also conducted mobile voting during the consular outreach mission, where members of Post’s Special Ballot Custody and Reception Group (SBRCG) received sealed envelopes containing ballots from overseas voters in Naples, Benevento, Caserta, and Salerno.

naples outreach2

Consul General Feliciano-Gatmyatan also met with Consul Francesca Giglio, a.h. to discuss ways by which the Embassy and the Philippine Consulate in Naples can strengthen its collaboration for the protection of the interests and promotion of the welfare of overseas Filipinos within the Consulate’s jurisdiction. END